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AM: After making the first record,we liked what the guy who mastered it had done,and we felt that we understood each other,so we just ended up working with him for the whole thing.He recorded and mixed the whole record.Nothing that exciting.He shared the complaint free progress of the shift in the first grade into smaller classes.Impressed by the staff training sessions,he shared that the leadership sessions were eye opening as each member found their strengths and weaknesses in leadership roles.”I’m extremely proud of these kids,” said Assistant Principal Bill Congdon..Great to see guys who have done it in the past,said DeMeco Ryans.To see Chuck Bednarik,a guy who got it done on both sides of the ball,a college award named after him.It was special meeting him.Were downstairs.We had parents bringing us jerseys.We made it work,said Sonjia Solomon,Cheer Director of BeastMode Youth Football and Cheer.”The suspension was a reasoned decision based upon his actions in the clubhouse,” Hahn said.”Later in the day when we sat down and talked face to face in my office,he expressed to me his rationale behind his actions.He understood at that time that because of his actions,there would be discipline.”.Our cleaning staff attend COPC training (Cleaning Operative Proficiency certificates ),which is very thorough,and is certified by the British Institute of Cleaning Science.There are three levels of qualification,and around 85 per cent of our staff have passed level one.A number of staff have passed level two,and all our managers,including myself and John,have passed level three,which means that we can also train our own staff.