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The City backs came up hard in a defensive line; but,the forwards did not.A gap opened up in the defensive pattern and Northside’s lock scooted through for the try.The conversion missed its mark to cut into the men in White lead at 45 12 at the 48 minute mark of the match.Unlike C4 plants,which have some of the highest growth rates of all land plants (Hatch 1988),CAM plants achieve rather meagre rates of photosynthesis and suffer a yield penalty as a result.Moreover,their modied pathway of photosynthesis with temporal separation of photochemical and biochemcial functions incurs an energetic cost of between 5.5 and 6.5 ATP and two NADPH per CO2 xed (Walker 1992).Compare this with a requirement of only three ATP (and two NADPH) per CO2 xed during C3 photosynthesis in low O2..