Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Routing failure and request/respons send ports

I had a very strange problem today. I had a one-way receive port that were using the WCF-SQL adapter. I used basic routing to route the message from this port to 2 different WCF-Basic-HTTP request/response ports. The problems was that I got a routing error on my receive port and where you normally would get 2 message I only got one message, which was the routing error. Normally you get 2 message one being the routing error and one being the message received. I went through alot of different things before finding out that you can only have one request/response port as a subcriber, which on some level makes sense, but I would have been nice to get some better error message. 
If I change my WCF-SQL port to a simple File port I get the following message "The message found multiple request response subscriptions. A message can only be routed to a single request response subscription.", which made it pretty easy to correct the problem. I just have to save the message from the WCF-SQL port to the file system in 2 different folders and have some new ports based on these file locations. Not the nicest solution, but the only way when I didn't want to add an orchestration which might be another solution. 

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